world improvement thru smarts & hearts



Welcome, o child of the world, to the first online community (that I know of) devoted to the philosophy of being geek. Not just to the practices and art of geeks, but the philosophy behind being a truly awesome geek and making the world a geekier place.

What is the essence of being a geek, you ask? It’s being a dreamer. It’s being imaginative and hopeful. It’s believing that the world can be a better place because human beings are capable of some pretty freaking amazing things. It means that we will find a way to save the world through banding together and defeating the evil threatening it by using our awesome powers. And it\’s about the smart kids surviving at the end of the horror movie, not the jock and cheerleader. Because being smart and imaginative and caring about being a better person will make the world a better place.

How do you join the Church and become a Geek? Don’t worry… you probably already are.


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