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The Founding of the Church

What the hell am I doing here? No, I’m asking you. What do you think the hell I am doing on with this blog? Well, that’s a good question. I think it’s time for the Geeks to inherit the earth. The barbarians have had their shot, and this is a call for all good geeks, nerds, and weirdos to pick up your swords (figuratively) and go do battle against the Forces of Evil, or as we shall call them in our church, the Foe.

So this is a call to Crusade. And of course, the driving power behind any good crusade is the Church. So, my friends, you have witnessed the birth of a new kind of spiritual bastion against the Foe; a driving force for goodness and bacon. A shining beacon to light your darkest hour. We are the Holy Geek Orthodox Church… or, to avoid potential litigation, just the Church of Geek.

Consider me the missionary, come into your village and show you the wonder of the power of Geek. We don’t have just one holy book, we have thousands of them. We don’t subscribe to one belief system, we subscribe to all of them. We aren’t content to sit the shadows any longer while barbarians roam the land and enslave the populace. We will rise up with our D20 dice and our phasers set to awesome. Beware, our Foes, because we have flying cars and unicorns and magic arrows. We have compassion and understanding and science! And we know how to use them all.

So you have two choices now: you can join the crusade and let your geek flag fly, or you can let the hoard continue to ravage the land. Time to choose your own adventure.